Spinning a line – 3/362

Spinning group today, I have just completed spinning 450g of Merino and silk blend in beautiful soft shades which I am calling Spring Fever Knitting 063resized I bought the fleece a couple of months ago from P & M Woolcraft when they visited the Mid-Essex Guild of Dyers, Spinners & Weavers.

Knitting 059resizedKnitting 057resizedKnitting 061resizedKnitting 054Resized

The meeting was at Rita’s home on the way I passed ‘The Bricklayers Alms’ in the hamlet of Stondon MassyBlog 2013 005resized


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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7 Responses to Spinning a line – 3/362

  1. You are so K L E V E R !…seriously I do think you are cleaver, artistic too and you share such lovely snippets with all of us. I would love to learn to spin. What do you intend making with your lovely spring fever shades?

  2. plummymummy says:

    What gorgeous colours. And the pub looks very inviting too.
    I need some tips on how to handle a skein of yarn like that…I bought some last year that I took out of the cupboard last night. It proceeded to all tangle horribly and I spent about 3 hours trying to undo the mess. This morning woke up with some 3 balls of wound wool and a bunch in the bin, and an awful shoulder pain!
    I cannot wait to see the top you make.

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