Calcott Hall Farm – 4/361

Went to Ingatestone this morning to visit Mary & John and look at a weaving Loom they have no further use for.  Unfortunately it was so big I could not cope with it so I put them intouch with the D, S & W Guild who may be able to find a good home for it.

On the way home we stopped at Calcott Hall Farm where I buy my weekly fruit and veg.Blog 2013 006resizedThis farm shop is like a Harvest Festival all year around

Blog 2013 007resized You can buy Fresh Local Fruit and Veg

Blog 2013 010Resized Locally made Jams and saucesBlog 2013 011resized No we don’t grow bananas and pineapples in Brentwood, they do buy in some stock!Blog 2013 012resized A wide variety of produce and as you can see Friday lunch time and hardly a customer. Very different from just before Christmas when the queue snaked right around the shop and outside with marshalls in the car parkBlog 2013 013resized This was my lute when I got home difficult to imagin that the two of us will eat this in a week 😉 well I think some of it will last a little longerlike that beautiful string of shalottsBlog 2013 016resizedAll the shopping put away and across the road to my beauty therapist, Alison for a manicure, she did a good job on the nails pity about the HANDS!! She is my friend and neighbour, so to feel cosy and relaxed I kept my slippers on and she had a glass of wine waiting for me.   It’s a hard life being retired ;-0

Tonight off to Joy’s for Chinese take away and long chat to put the world to rights LOL LOL LOL


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2 Responses to Calcott Hall Farm – 4/361

  1. Left this comment from the phone…it then decided it had a publishing issue with it and refused! Hmm 😉 Beautiful place to go for your fruit and veg…might even tempt me into healthy eating if I had somewhere as appealing as that to go 0 looks wonderful! Nails are pretty cool too lol 😉

    • Thanks Wolfie! The farm is a tad more expencive than the supermarket but products are tops! I always spend twice as much as I intend how can two people get through £20 worth of fruit and veg in one week and still have high Cholesterol!! 😉

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