Norfolk Seals 356/9

A day trip yesterday to Norfolk, a bit late in the season but there were still some seal pups on the beach. It is a walk of about 40 mins to reach them so weighted down with my haversack of equipment it was no mean feat. Peter took his golf trolley and loaded it up with chairs, tripods coffee and chocolate biscuits. The pups are nearly fully grown and almost ready to go out to sea and fend for themselves,Norfolk January 014

but there was this young one up in the dunes waiting for mum to return with a good feed, Norfolk January 025

you can see that he is just loosing his white coat .

The main coloney were at the waters edge lolling around enjoying the sunshineNorfolk January 039

A great day out but no good for my cholestral!  We started by having a Burger and chips for breakfast and Fish & Chips for supper, must get this diet under control before I go back to see the ‘Healthy Women’ nurse or she will think I haven’t been trying 😉


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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One Response to Norfolk Seals 356/9

  1. You haven’t been trying have you?!! lol 😉
    Those seal pups never cease to be utterly adorable and heart melting!

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