Stargazing Live 355/10


Last night we watched the third episode of Stargazing, WOW what a wonderful show, most of the tekki stuff was over my head, but wonderful shots of the planets and stars, all delivered to my living room by the wonderful Professor Brian Cox, who I may tell you I have met in person when we were at the Science Museum. It was particularly interesting to hear about the ice planet Europa the sixth closest moon to the planet Jupiter. The atmosphere is composed primarily of oxygen. Its surface is composed of water ice so it seem it could support life assuming you have a nice warm furry coat to keep you warm.


There are details on the web site on how to take photos of the stars and planets, I am just waiting for a clear night and not too cold to have a go in the mean time here is a shot of the moon I took a while ago.

Moon 012

Lets see if I can improve on this


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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3 Responses to Stargazing Live 355/10

  1. I have a lovely warm furry coat to keep me warm! lol 😉 There’s a lovely big subsurface ocean under the ice crust of Europa too..great for fishing!

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