Peanutbutter biscutes 353/12

Every time you turn on the TV there seems to be a cooking program of some sort. I loved Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in the Great British Bake Off, these programs are so inspirational. as are some of my fellow bloggers such as Beang ( who adds a touch of spice and Kate Abbott ( who gives us the sound and taste of South Africa.

Peter quite enjoys watching Lorrain Pascalle and Nijella but is not so keen on James Martin …. I wonder why?Blog 2013 003

Needed to make some more biscutes today so here is my offering from Lorrain’s book Baking Made Easy.Blog 2013 004Brown sugar butter and eggsBlog 2013 007As a consession to my atempt to reduce my weight and Cholestral before my appointment at the well ‘OAP’ clinic I have made them half the size reccommended in the book 😉Blog 2013 009Finished result not bad eh?   Well Peter likes them!Blog 2013 011More haste less speed I tried to transfer it to the cooling rack too soon but as you can see  ‘a good crumb’ and no soggy bottom! (Thank you Mary)


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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4 Responses to Peanutbutter biscutes 353/12

  1. Ooooh!! Share with Wolfie!! They look wonderful, my wolfie mouth is wateringly hungrily 😀 This is a totally delicious post! SlurrrRRRRRrrrPPPP!!! DroooooOOOOOOOOlllLLLLLL!! 😀 x

  2. michiko san says:

    I ‘m very happy with you just 353 at my Michiko’s space,
    I will be back more from you.

  3. michiko san says:

    I really thinking of your Chocolestral OAP . your Piter like them and I’m like very much too.
    I hope you having a lovely day.

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