Wrapping the wrap 351/14

Blog 2013 006

We usually have sanwiches at lunchtime but with the issues with my weight and Cholestral I have decided to make a few changes.  I thought wraps would be a good idea and there must be less calories in a wrap than in two slices of bread.  Now when my daughter gives me a wrap it is beautifully neatly rolled up soooo easy to eat the filling does not squidge out.  How do you do it???? It squidges everwhere filling and sauce up my arm, wrap falls a part, what to do?  Well I just laid it out flat with the salad and filling on top looks better more inviting and much more civilised to eat with a knife and fork.

I am definately not yet ready for this modern world of wraps!


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3 Responses to Wrapping the wrap 351/14

  1. Oh dear! Lol 😉 That’s just like me…I’m not ready for this modern world of wraps either! lol 🙂

  2. plummymummy says:

    Oh I do like a wrap but yes, agree they are messy especially compared to a sarnie. It’s down to greed as I overfill mine rather a lot. I’ve found if I put a sticky filling in like philly cheese, it helps hold it together.
    We often have them with mexican food (tofu, peppers, salad, guacamole, sour cream all stuffed in) or as a holder for falafels (falafels, crunchy salad, humous, hot harissa paste). And for a quick lunch, I make a quesidila type thing by cooking them on a flat griddle filled with cheese. In fact, just had some for lunch with some cheese and roasted peppers. Yummy but maybe not so great for the cholesterol. Does the blue cheese you like melt well?

    • I love all the things I shouldn’t eat especially cheese! There is nothing like trying new combinations of flavours that is why I love your blog you contantly come up with combinations that are new to me. Keep bloging

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