Weald Park 340/25

The Big Garden Bird watch today, had to multi task whilst watching Andy Murry, he played a good game but has some injuries and issues, better luck next time AndyWeald park January 076   A good few birds to report in the National Garden Survey, but a lack today for Jays and Magpies which we usually see, the fieldfares seem to have moved on they were plentyful last week.  This little Robin was seen yesterday at South Weald ParkWeald park January 030along with this little Fallow deer which I think must be a fairly recent arival.Weald park January 007We had rain over night so most of the snow has gone now but this was the view yesterday

Weald park January 078Weald park January 082


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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3 Responses to Weald Park 340/25

  1. Robin is beautiful 🙂 I love robins and some of them are so tame 🙂

  2. Natal ;garden has lake of Magpies but little Robin was nice to see it.
    I love to see the snow national magpies next time?

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