Warley Place

Warley Place, once a very famous Edwardian garden belonging to Ellen Willmott, is now maintained as a nature reserve by Essex Wildlife  Trust. Warley Place 003

It is famous for it’s spring flowers, mainly daffodils, but first we have the Snowdrops, here they are lining the approach.

Warley Place 007 Clusters of them nesteling in amoungst tree roots and individuals making a statement

Warley Place 010Crocus are starting to appear again now, at one time these beautiful flowers were in abundance and I recall as a child racing to the top deck of the bus so we could see them in all their glory.  They were wiped out by a virus but they are now being replanted and add to the rich diversity of the gardens.Warley Place 013Warley Place 021  The walled garden provides protection and here the beautiful Honesty plant has been protected from the ravages of winter with the silvery membrane still intact.

Warley Place 015

Plenty of places to stop and rest and enjoy the Winter sunshine.

Warley Place 037

And anticipate the hearald of spring with a few eary arrivals.  A few more weeks and a little sun and warmth and this garden will be a carpet of gold. until then we can sit and enjoy the Snowdrops Warley Place 008


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to Warley Place

  1. Don’t think the poor plant life knows whether it’s coming or going with all these weather changes! It’s looking like spring is almost upon us one minute and ice cold and snowing the next! Lovely photos you managed to shoot though despite the constantly changing weather 🙂
    Wolfie hugs 🙂

  2. What a lovely place to walk in and enjoy nature; I love your photographs as always.

  3. What a beautiful place! I didn’t know of its existence before reading your post – but I was thinking about “Miss Wilmott” recently because I was thinking of the plant called “Miss Wilmott’s Ghost”!

  4. There are many plants named after her, she came from a wealthy family and spent her fortune on collecting plants and building the garden. There will be more photos when the Daffodills are out. Miss Wilmots Ghost is a silvery Gray Eryngium very beautiful


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