Weaving around my Life

I was lucky enough to get a loom for my Birthday, now the last time I did any weaving was at school and it was a mess.  Having seen weaving works of art by my friends at the Dyers Spinners and Weavers Guild I thought I may like to try my hand at it again!Knitting 054 We put it together last Saturday, somthing I was determind to do myself but needed a bit of man power to tighten the screws etc, but it all went together quite well. This is a Kromski Harp, which I think is made in Poland, the importers are in the USA and I bought it from Wingham Wools in Rothereham South Yorksire.  I have no idea if this product went from Poland to US then to UK, but they delivered it within 3 days of placing the order.

Knitting 051 I had no idea how to get started but with all the help on the internet video tutorials, particularly good are the New Voyager vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptH7ZhopsoE&list=UUr_0xa80mEpfaw8GmV8bptw&index=3     and the Ashford Vids http://www.ashford.co.nz/newsite/tutorials/weaving-video-tutorials     I also used the Ashford book of Weaving which was very clear with a step by step guide.

Knitting 056Warping the loom seemed a bit scary but by carefully following the instructions it was soon done and the weaving started, I used yarn from my stash that I didn’t feel precious about 😉 So a bit bright, maybe I can find a football supporter who would like it.  Peter said he wasn’t ecxpecting something so bright for his next suit ;-). More to follow on this one I think!


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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14 Responses to Weaving around my Life

  1. What fun, and I look forward to viewing more.

  2. Eleanor says:

    I am excited to see what you create. Weaving is something I would love to try someday. For now I will enjoy it through your posts.

  3. How cool! Hmm…you could possibly pass it off as a Man Utd supporter’s attire! Wolfie likes the idea of wearing it loud and proud!! 🙂

  4. Kenny2dogs says:

    Boro’s colors are “red and white” so you have found your football supporter 🙂 Yup, just can’t beat them there step by step guides.
    Hope you are enjoying the “sunshine” Susan x

  5. Wow, you’ll be making all kinds of knitted stuff now. Good for you.

    • Thanks Horst, I have loads of homespun to make into a cushion and went to a textile fair yesterday and bought some super linen to make place mats watch this space!!


  6. plummymummy says:

    That looks complicated but fun. Red and white makes for a great picnic blanket.

  7. This is awesome – wow what a thing to have. I used to have knitting machines (prefer the hand knit look though) but a loom is something else. I watched the episode of the Good Life the other day where Tom gets a loom – I was jealous back then,

    • Thanks Chris I have had such fun with this since I got it and made new friends ….amazing! I am still fascinated by your crocheted jewellery I must give it a try, (when I have finished all the other queued projects)

  8. itwasjudith says:

    beautiful 🙂 when i saw the colours i thought of Christmas… love that colour combination anyway, looks quite folk to me

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