Sheep to Shoulder


Some time ago I was given a raw fleece, I was a complete novice as to how to treat it but with lots of help from friends on Ravelry and friends at the Southend Guild of Dyers Spinners and weavers I have managed to follow the process through to a completed project.Fleece 004

Here is the Raw Fleece and I am picking out the best bits and discarding the Dags (poo) note the disposable gloves. Knitting 003

This is some of the first spun wound into skeins.

An event held at the garden of a Guild member resulted in a communal dyeing so many beautiful colours of fleece, and spun yarn also silk in raw state and spun.Homespun  fleece from Rita

Here is the Loom I was given for my birthday as you can see warped up with natural cream which was a commercial fibre also the same fibre hand dyed, but the weft is mainly my own hand spun from the original fleece and dyed and the garden party.Knitting 045          I find that mixing colours  is unpredictable and the results can be fascinating and quite exciting, here is a selection of colours I have usedKnitting 054

And now the finished article !Knitting 041    A useful and functional cushion perfectly co-ordinated to go in the caravan.


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to Sheep to Shoulder

  1. Kenny2dogs says:

    OOooooo…. Susan you clever person you. Love the rustic colours and would just love to rest my head on that cushion 😉 x

  2. Whilst you are so skillfully spinning and weaving and creating lovely colours 🙂 Wolfie will just away with that cushion thank you! It will look lovely in the den whilst I am waiting to pinch the next batch of beautiful spinning and weaving and looming!
    Wolfie x

  3. shuhan says:

    this is wonderful! I’ve grown up in an era where things come so easily, from the shops, but `i always kind of wish we knew more about how things are made and I like being able to connect to the land and the producers, really inspiring to come across this today! p.s. I love the colours you used, completely my kind of colour palette.

  4. jean holmes says:

    Just seen this – what a great thing to do and the cushion is FAB – well done you – love Jean x

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