Spitalfield Market

A London land market, Spitalfield Market is located quite close to Liverpool Street Station. We visited there whilst the Celebrations of the achievements of the Huguenot Silk weavers was taking place and also the ‘Big Weave’ which was a community event where anyone who wished to could take part and contribute to the art works. Spitalfield Market 007

A table set up with rag weaving on paper plates a modern take on the old raffia mats I used to make at school (back in the day)Spitalfield Market 001

This was an antique loom the lady operating it had never used a loom before (Strange!!!) bits kept falling off but with string and patients we got it working it was 8 shaft so ideal for patterned work.Spitalfield Market 015 This lady had a modern 8 shaft loom and was working a way creating a beautiful piece of cloth, similar to the jacket she is wearing in the picture.Spitalfield Market 019  Lots of beautiful yarns available to buy this This was called The Good Yarn Stall and these shown are by ColinetteSpitalfield Market 021   Maggi selects ribbon yarn for her weaving.  It was a great day out with lots to see and plenty of inspiration for more projectsSpitalfield Market 041  On the way home we were treated to a performance by the Morris Men always a sight to behold!



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13 Responses to Spitalfield Market

  1. I wish I’d gone:) Looks like a fab day. I went there recently and it was all expensive craft stalls.

  2. plummymummy says:

    Wow, love the first photo. How does that work then? Must have a go with my little one.
    BTW have you been North of the border…lots of great weaving here. I learnt quite a bit at the Dundee Verdant works exhibition on Warp and Weft which was all about the weaving women who worked in the city. Though not sure I would recommend a trip to Dundee as it’s not the best city in the world.

    • Have only been to Scotland once when the children were small had a great time made a video at Lochness in search of the monster great times! Would love to go again got as far as Hadrian’s Wall a couple of years ago, must venture further afield in our caravan soon. Glad you like the plate weaving lots of fun for the children, I photographed the instructions I can send them to you if you like, but it is quite straight forward I am sure you will work it out

  3. Very difficult not to find a way to have a good day out in London! Looks like you did it in style!

    • A great place to go lots to see and good places to eat, easy journey too

      • Yes…it’s getting out of London I find problematic! My recent trip up North to visit my family went just fine till I got to Euston, to find every train in and out of London Euston had been cancelled till further notice due to signal problems! We were advised to take alternative routes, in my case via St Pancreas and all the way round through Sheffield adding a good 2 hours to my journey 😉 Should have stayed in London!!

      • And there is me having fantasies about romantic train journeys 😉

  4. Scrambled Megs says:

    Looks like an interesting day out! Love the photos x

  5. christinelaennec says:

    Wow how amazing! Wonderful to see so much weaving like that.

  6. itwasjudith says:

    i wish i had known about the event 🙂 looks like a great day!

  7. Takayama says:

    Thank you for coming to see me.
    Are you working you must enjoy at the school the creating make patterned work.
    Have a good day!

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