Hyde Hall

A few weeks ago we paid a visit to RHS Hyde Hall Beautiful hillside Essex Garden belonging to the Royal Horticultural Society.Hyde Hall April 2011 079  Hyde Hall April 2011 061We were lucky enough to find that the Fritillaries were in full bloom and creating a river of colour between two row of  daffodils.  It was such  a rare and beautiful day we were able to sit on the grass to take our photos and felt like two careless children ….. until we tried to stand up again 😉Hyde Hall April 2011 048

Hyde Hall April 2011 044

Our visit was in April and due to the wet and cold winter the spring flowers were not in abundance but here you can see the most beautiful Dogwood with it’s bright red stems and the lime green leaves just breaking surrounded by heathers making a beautiful combination of colour. Hyde Hall April 2011 031 One small flower  just peeping through in the woodland garden was this very special Erythronium, so close to the ground and tucked away I nearly missed it.

How Hyed Hall has changed since we first visited over 20 years ago when it was left to the RHS.  More recently a new Visitor Centre has been built at the bottom of the hill and a free buggy will transport you to the top if you are unable to make the gradient.Hyde Hall April 2011 070

        One last shot of the fritillaries

Hyde Hall April 2011 007

And a Hellebore!


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4 Responses to Hyde Hall

  1. Some stunning photographs Suki xx

  2. HooOOOOooooooWWWwwwwwwLLLLooooooo! Love the photos 🙂 Spring has returned for a day lol 😉 I hope you had a great holiday and have returned with lots of wolfishly good pics for us to enjoy! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Wolfie , went to Kent the next county needed our passports as we crossed over the Thames, watch out for the pics of the miniature railway coming soon and oil can wielding greasy train enthusiasts

      Susan x

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