Zandra Rhodes Exhibition




In 2002 Zandra Rhodes opened the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey Street to promote British design talent. The building was designed by the influential Mexican  Ricardo Legorreta and is a destination for everyone interested in fashion and textiles

Zandra Rhodes 045

This is an example of the intricate detail achieved by had embroiders and beading specialists to achive the beautiful designs

Zandra Rhodes 052Zandra Rhodes 052a

The back view and a beautiful beaded dress and a close up detail I think this would make a most beautiful dress for a wedding

Zandra Rhodes 047 Zandra Rhodes 054

A quirky figure of Zandra portraying her sense of humour and love of colour

Beaded hand bag, so beautiful I want one!

Zandra Rhodes 060        Zandra Rhodes 062

I design taken from her sketch book and digitally transferred to fabric So may be soon we will all be able to afford to wear a Zandra Rhodes creation I do hope so

Zandra Rhodes 064

This is the period I remember most vividly the beautiful flowing silks subtle colours peace and love to all

Zandra Rhodes 066

This is a Punk Wedding Dress, the fabric is slashed then held together with  jewel encrusted safety  pins

Zandra Rhodes 071 Zandra Rhodes 043

Did you know she designed fabric and wall paper for interior design ? No I didn’t either  

A bust given to her as a Birthday present from Andrew Logan

Zandra Rhodes 040

Stunning display that hits you the moment you enter the exhibition

Zandra Rhodes 038Zandra Rhodes 039

Back and front of the first dress of the exhibition The lighting and displays were stunning.

Cant wait for the next exhibition at the FTM.  Watch this space


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4 Responses to Zandra Rhodes Exhibition

  1. Stunning designs and craftsmanship. One or two of the dresses would be most welcome in my wardrobe.

  2. Fantastic exhibition 🙂 Awesome dresses too, the embroidery and beading is beautiful and unique. I could walk out in one of those no problem!! 🙂

  3. Kenny2dogs says:

    Nope don’t think I could see myself in one of those get up’s, but they are beautiful 🙂
    Be well Susan, thinking of you x

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