Sheep to shoulder

I blogged last year about our holiday to Brecon in Wales and how I bought a fleece, well I would like to tell you now how I have used it.Wales June 2013 113    The guy who helped me choose it said it was a hogget which means it was the first sheering, the wool had a glossy finish and a long staple which I like when spinning which is not everyone’s choiceGarden July 025

Some of the wool I blended with Angora Goat to make a beautiful soft strong yarn. then came tDyed October 7th 2013ahe dyeing great funDyed October 7th 2013b Spinning is where the change takes place you never can be sure how the colours are going to blend together

First dye lotPlyed October 14 a

Well pleased with the result double crochet using double thread took about 600 g of wool

Cushion complete

Still plenty of wool left so I thought I would have some fun with dying made two colourful blended bats which I put on the internet and sold well pleasedWelsh wool Angora home dyed soldWelsh wool Angora home dyed 2 sold a sort of sanction that I was getting it right.

The remainder was enough to make a jacket and I thought sea colours would be good so first the dying and I called the result Lime in the sky.

Lime in the sky 2

 Working out the dye colours and how to set them to get the best effect with out damaging the wool is something I find very satisfying.

Babes January 002

Hmmm I have just received a delivery of Wool so watch this space I am dyeing to get dyeing again!




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3 Responses to Sheep to shoulder

  1. Love your choice of names – “Lime in the Sky” – how cool is that! You have certainly put your skills to good use and got great results! Wolfie could do with a nice warm jacket too 🙂 One just like that beautiful one in the photo would be just right thanks! 🙂 Wolfie hugs!

  2. Thanks Wolfie!! I am having so much fun since I retired and got into this all the colours and textures like being at playgroup all the time

    Susan x

  3. michiko says:

    great fun! You never can be sure how the colours are going to blend together but Well plased with the result double crocket about of wool. I thought you has fun with dying made two colourful blended bads and you find very satisfying Wolfle way!!
    Have a nice day!

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