This year The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers held their Biennial

National Exhibition DS&W 008

Exhibition in Norwich Cathedral. As always there was a very high standard of exhibits. Fabulous colours and stunning designs

National Exhibition DS&W 018National Exhibition DS&W 013

All the exhibits are hand made often from the raw materials a fleece may be cleaned, dyed, and then spun of felted and then made up into a piece of art for that is what they are not just simply a garment or an accessory but a practical work of art.National Exhibition DS&W 015National Exhibition DS&W 012

This gilet is made from Gotland sheep fibre carefully carded and spun to keep the texture of the fleece and the shades carefully blended, then the unspun locks have been felted onto the crocheted border the main part of the jacket has been knitted to the artists own design. The artist is Mary Elmer from Lincolnshire Guild, for me this was my favourite item in the show. A close second was this inventive jacket designed in diamond shapes giving very fluid lines in wonderful colours

National Exhibition DS&W 021.National Exhibition DS&W 022

As well as garments there was a wonderful display of bags in many different media this is an area where the artist can get very inventive here are just a couple of my favourites

National Exhibition DS&W 030National Exhibition DS&W 033

Also Mid Essex Guild put on a wonderful display of ‘Green Man’ projects here are just a couple

National Exhibition DS&W 039National Exhibition DS&W 036

Displayed in the School Crypt was a Wall of Wool showing different types of spinning from various fleeces quite amazing the different effect you can get.

National Exhibition DS&W 041National Exhibition DS&W 042

The Exhibition was staged in the wonderful setting of Norwich Cathedral which is worth a visit in it’s own right, I wish we had longer to look around at the magnificent building but that means we can have another trip there and we can see it all and the wonderful City of Norwich

National Exhibition DS&W 004National Exhibition DS&W 019National Exhibition DS&W 023National Exhibition DS&W 032

Now just a few more snapshots from the show









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  1. Beautiful knit wear! Love the green Man too 😉

  2. Part of exploring a church is discovering where the stonemason’s installed their Green Man.

  3. christinelaennec says:

    What beautiful things! I particularly love the stripey jacket. And the green men are pretty amazing too!

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  5. Amanda Davis says:

    Fantastic day out, some really good pieces. Thanks to the lovely ladies in the crypt who helped me search for the Soay skein. Had a good afternoon in the farm naked sheep event you red commended, bought a great fleeced whilst there. Thanks.

  6. Rachel says:

    The blue stripy thing is mine from a pattern from Jane Splicer Smith (my yarn is thicker than the pattern and I did an extra row of squares at the bottom). I’d highly recommend her book Swing Swagger Drape.

  7. Thanks Susan beautiful things in a beautiful Catherdral Jan x

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