Fibre East 2014

A paradise for all things fibre related and a place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. The second year at Redbourn College with it’s spacious halls and green and pleasant grounds. I had one thing determined to buy, I have been practicing with a drop spindle and recently discovered the merits of a Turkish spindle, Found the Wood Emporium a gentleman who I had met before who creates beautiful handmade spindles and is based on the Isle of Wight a demonstration was in progress and I tried my hand and tested the different weights I finally found one I liked and my first purchase was madeFibre East 2014 013

The delights of the show were innumerable the colour and design a feast for the eyes and the sheer passion of exhibitors and visitors alike created a fabulously warm and friendly atmosphere.

Fibre East 2014 016 Fibre East 2014 018

The Main event of course was The Sheer Sheep Experience in the main field we were treated to a lecture on the different types of sheep and the type of fleece they produceFibre East 2014 029Fibre East 2014 030

And then the sheering began!

Fibre East 2014 032 Fibre East 2014 031

Over she goes he is talking to her and rubbing he neck I think he is hypnotising her! You can see here she is still and relaxed and he is not holing, her so trusting.

Fibre East 2014 031Fibre East 2014 044

Handling with care to get a nice clean sheer with no second cuts

Fibre East 2014 074 Fibre East 2014 076

Just over again and she is done relieved of her warm coat for the summer.  Now her fleece was sold before the sheering and given to the purchaser right away, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase buying off plan!

One of the best stands we visited was my good friend Louise and her Mum from Spin City, Angela was keen to learn how to drop spindle and she was sat down and given a lesson

Fibre East 2014 020  Fibre East 2014 021

The colourful bundles of fleece and Louise’s beautiful hand made spindles were a delight, Angela soon got the hang of it under expert tuition

Fibre East 2014 022 Fibre East 2014 023

Some of Louise’s beautiful spindles she can be found at


All the stand were interesting with lots of colour brilliant and innovative designs but Adrian Art stood out she can be found here she specialised in Nonu felt art

Fibre East 2014 077

You can see the beautiful and creative work that has gone into these wall hangings and she sells everything you need to create your own, I think I need to go to a workshop on this.

Fibre East I think is one of the best of its kind and for us it is quite close to home a most enjoyable day in the company of my daughter.


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2 Responses to Fibre East 2014

  1. The colours in that last photo are beautiful! So bright and vibrant 🙂 I enjoyed the sheep shearing 😉 It’ s lovely the way the sheep are so trusting about it too. The tea cosy in the first few photos appeals to me enormously! What a great day out! 🙂 xxx Wolfie hugs!

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