Chanel to Westwood at the Fashion & Textile Museum Bermonsey

This is one of my favourite museums, you can always be sure of an interesting exhibition here, although this was not as flamboyant as some it was very interesting, covering the development and use of Knitting during the last centaury.

The examples are taken from the private collection of Mark and Cleo Butterfield.  Knitting is one of the most fundamental textile techniques, produced from a continuous yarn and simple needles, it’s origins are shrouded in the mists of time

Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 001Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 005

The first display was that of this years fashion students with a Lion King Influence, I love the poncho designed like a sheep.

Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 006Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 009

Two beautifully hand knitted Cocktail suits from 1930s so elegant, knitted glamour wear was promoted by the film stars of the day such as Larna Turner nick named ‘The Sweater Girl’

Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 008         Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 011

Detailed embellishment from a 1930s cape along side a1970s hand knitted suit.  Knit and crochet became fashionable again in 70s and 80s with Boho glamour and the ‘home made’ style

Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 012Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 022

A group of 1920s coats I love the one with 3D roses could wear that now in fact one of my favourite accessories are these beautiful flowers.  Next to it is ….. jumping forward to 70s again a loosely knitted top made of plastic string not dissimilar to modern knits made from tape yarn the ends frayed to give it that ‘home made’ character.

Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 020Knitwear Fashion & Tex Mus 021

Back to the 30s this was more a suit of armour than a dress heavily beaded, it must have been so uncomfortable to wear and unless it was lined very cold it makes me shiver to think about it and what about the beads sticking into you when you sit down!   What we do for fashion, this puts me in mind of Mrs Simpson who said ‘You can never be too rich or too thin!’ Well I think you would need to be pretty rich to buy it and you would not look good in it unless you were pretty thin! Never mind the imprints of the beads on your bum when you stood up again. LOL


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3 Responses to Chanel to Westwood at the Fashion & Textile Museum Bermonsey

  1. Pia says:

    The last one looks like something from a scifi movie.
    I don’t think I’d wear any of the things you show here, but the creativity is really amazing and I can appreciate them as works of art!

  2. I love that sheep poncho! I wonder if they do a Wolfie one too! In contrast those cocktail dresses are beautiful…it would be lovely to fit into one of those and look good too 😉 The armour lol would serve me very well when dealing with my way too domineering and bossy female manager at work….lol lucky I only have to tolerate her obnoxious company once every 3 months or so! I never knew knitting could be so verstile and come in so many diverse forms!

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