The Fuchsia

As some of you may know I recently aquired a new greenhouse, and I have stored in there the Fuchsia plants from the garden to protect them from the bitterly cold weather we are having at the moment.  Well minus 7 here the other morning when I went out, I can here Horst saying ‘that is positively like Summer’ compared to the conditions in Canada but it is cold for an Essex girl! So armed with my camera and a little while in Photoshop I give you this!


Fuchsia is a dancer

Dancing on her toes

Clad in red and Purple

By a cottage wall she grows

Sometimes in a greenhouse

In frilly white and rose

Dressed in her best for the fairies’ evening ball

A poem from a book I had as a child and loved the beautiful Flower Fairies


Had another visit to Bushey Park on Sunday will be posting some pictures of the Rut and a very confused Stag, keep watching







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