A day at the Zoo

I am not very keen on Zoos, but as I can’t get to all these exotic places to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat the Zoo is the next best thing. Paradise Park is in Hertfordshire, quite a small concern but beautifully kept. It is a teaching and breeding Zoo all the keepers we spoke to were helpful and knowledgeable.Paradise Park 124

This guy in particular opened the Avery for us so we could go in and interact with the Lorikeets, he in fact was not a keeper but the builder who built the Avery and painted the murals’ on the walls. Paradise Park 101He gave us little pots of nectar which made the birds very friendly towards us 😉

Paradise Park 033

Paradise Park 043Paradise Park 022


These were three Cheater brothers from a litter of seven borne in a Swedish Zoo, they had a good sized paddock and we were able to go onto a platform overhanging the run to get a first class view at feeding time

Paradise Park 145

My favourites of the day were these little otters who ran around as one unit they thought we had food for them, I wish we had better weather and light and I would have got lots of pictures of them they were soooooo delightful.

Now here is one for my special friend who like all good wolfies is sleeping with one eye openParadise Park 081

We had a good day even though it rained most of the time and the skies were grey and light poor, here is a selection of some more of the animals we saw.

Paradise Park 140Paradise Park 085Paradise Park 015 This old boy seems to be looking for something, well his mate was in the next paddock and she was calling to him.



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6 Responses to A day at the Zoo

  1. HooOOoooOOwWWWWLLLoooooooo to Wolfie sleeping with one eye open! A fine selection of Wolfie dinner items at the zoo 😉 Oops! I mean a fine selection of wildlife lol I thought for a moment you were going to say you went in with the cheetahs and had a cuddle with them!! Thought that was a touch unlikely but you never know 😉 Love the otters…so cute and whiskery 🙂 And I love the birds colourful plumage 🙂

  2. Kenny2dogs says:

    Great photographs Susan, never thought I would see hubby with a bird on each arm 🙂 How frustrating for the poor Tiger, I know how he must be feeling 😉 I like the Red Panda, so cat like and the Otters, well what can one say about them, just so mischievous, curious and a delight to see. Then what do we find, “Wolfie” sheltering beneath a “Laurel” bush, Mmmm My brain has just gone “ping”
    Have a wonderful weekend Susan
    Kenny x

  3. jean holmes says:

    Lovely photos as always suki – jean x

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your
    next post thank you once again.

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